Would You Rather Stay At Home Or Reside In Nursing Home?

Safeguard Home Care will provide in-home care services with cost-efficient rates.

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Services during holiday, overnight and live-in shifts are available on a regular bases. Please call 253-235-5443 so we provide with some options and quotes.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can the Home Care Aid keep your loved ones independent?

    Absolutely!!!! That’s the main objective to have your elderly loved ones age with qualified care assistance, therefore keep Independence as long as possible and enjoy good quality of life!!!

    Having in home care services means being in control of your activities and retaining as much independence as each situation allows. Many of our clients just need a little help to continue living a safe and productive life while some might be recovering from a fall or surgery, or other condition. Regardless of your situation, our goal is to enable you the best possible outcome while being in control of your care and daily decisions.

    Can I trust a caregiver in my home?

    You should trust the agency you choose to recommend your quality and assign highly professional and trained caregiver to your loved ones.  Depending on care plan schedules , the caregivers might change, however every agency must have a screening system which includes a comprehensive background check and screening for compassion, identity, integrity, and competence. Safeguard home care hires approximately 15% candidates from received applications.

    How does Safeguard Home Care attract the best caregivers?

    Safeguard Home Care Rule states ‘We will not refer a caregiver into your home that we would not welcome into our own home. Similar to any working professional, caregivers are attracted to organizations that have trust, compassion, stability, and hope. We encourage you to meet one of our local Directors or Referral Specialists as they will treat you with as much compassion and dignity as they afford to each caregiver they refer.

    What if we don’t like our caregiver?

    Contact Safeguard Assigned Care Supervisor  and we’ll refer another caregiver immediately at no additional referral cost. Safeguard Home Care in licensed and insured company that shares responsibility for each individual employee and their actions

    Will we have a choice in selecting the caregiver

    Our Care Supervisor works with each family to understand what unique skills and personality are desired in a caregiver. Upon meeting with family the supervisor needs to write a care plan and afterward suggest the caregivers options given all combined information and family members preferences.

    What is the process of finding a caregiver?

    We make the process of finding a caregiver very simple and prompt using our QuickCare Placement program. Give us a call and we’ll conduct a brief phone discussion to understand your needs. We then can meet anyone involved in selecting and paying for care at your home for an in-home needs consultation. Within 24 hours of that visit we are usually able to refer a professional caregiver to your home. Our team continuously screens caregivers beyond current demand to give you quick access to the best caregivers in our community.