Provides older adults with the option of around-the-clock Medication Assistance

The area of medication assistance cannot be ignored, no matter what. It’s an area where Safeguard Home Care can make a real difference to a client’s day-to-day general health and well being.

On the whole, we provide three levels of support
  • Self-managed medication
  • Assistance with medication and reminders
  • Assitance with scheduling and reminders

Why choose daily care?

Around-the-clock Medication Assistance allows your loved one to remain in his or her home while ensuring safety and promoting optimal well-being. 

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Our Medication Assitance Services

We have no major role to play where a client manages their own medication, as the client will understand when and how to take their medication. However, if we’re asked to call the pharmacy to order a repeat prescription, or to pick up a prescription, we would be happy to help.

If the client requires assistance with their medication, we will remind them at the time they need to take their medication. When requested, we can also assist in opening bottles, remove pills and tablets from blister packs, Dossett boxes or compliance aids, and dissolve medication in water before consumption.

This third level of support undergoes regular assessments from joint services, such as health and social services.